Donald B. Hallowes, Esq.

Donald B. Hallowes was awarded his Juris Doctor cum laude in 1989 from Capital Law School in Columbus, Ohio. While attending law school, Mr. Hallowes was awarded the American Jurisprudence Award for achieving the highest score in Estate and Gift Taxation. Mr. Hallowes article regarding Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Coverage of CERCLA Response Costs was also published by the Capital Law School Law Review in 1989. Also in 1989, Mr. Hallowes was admitted to practice law in the states of Ohio and Florida as well as to the federal court of the Southern District of Ohio. Mr. Hallowes is presently a member of the Ohio State Bar Association and the Columbus Bar Association.

Since commencing the practice of law in 1989, Mr. Hallowes has focused his practice on the representation of businesses and business owners, from the formation of their business entities, choosing a tax structure for their business, assisting with company governance, to the dissolution and winding up of company business. A significant part of Mr. Hallowes business practice involves labor law issues, employment covenants and contracts, and litigation of contracts, restraining orders, and owner and employee malfeasance and breach of fiduciary duty to the company and its members and/or shareholders. Additionally, Mr. Hallowes has substantial experience in guiding and assisting a buyer or seller of a business in completing the transaction as safely as possible with an eye towards preserving and establishing potential tax benefits for his client. Mr. Hallowes has substantial experience in representing contractors in the building industry with those legal problems typical in the construction business, including drafting mechanic’s liens, AIA contract review, lien enforcement, drafting contracts, and litigation of defects, payment, and other contract issues.

Home health agencies have a common collection of business problems with which Mr. Hallowes has substantial experience. Home health agencies deal with “patient” theft issues, employee turnover, and employment covenants on a regular basis all of which are familiar problems to Mr. Hallowes. What ever problem your home health agency may be facing, Mr. Hallowes likely has experienced the problem before and can help your agency through the issue.

Mr. Hallowes also handles a broad range of contract issues for his clients particularly in the area of real estate. In today’s radical real estate market, Mr. Hallowes has assisted his clients in negotiating concessions from lenders on existing loans, restructuring of real estate financing, and determining options and strategies that may be available to protect assets as property values continued to decline. Mr. Hallowes works with buyers of real property and businesses as the buyer performs their due diligence to make sure that what ever is being purchased is not subject to an unexpected lien, title defect, or other problem that makes the property unsuitable for the buyer’ intend use. With today’s declining real estate values, Mr. Hallowes can effectively build and present your case for the revaluation of your real property. Often you can save thousand of dollars in property taxes as a result of Mr.Hallowes filing a complaint against valuation on your behalf.

Estate plans, wills, trusts, and Elder Law are other significant practice areas for Mr. Hallowes. A comprehensive plan that considers all of a client’s assets, business objectives, and testamentary intent often must be developed for everyone from the small business owner the hourly employee that wants to protect their family and testamentary objectives. Mr. Hallowes enjoys working through these often complex issues to help a client achieve his or her estate planning goals.