Formation, Operation and Tax Structure

business Startup and tax structuring

Effective, Creative and Practical Solutions to Build Your Company’s Bottom Line

At Hallowes Law Group LLC, our focus is on you and your business. Our business law attorneys provide personal support and guidance to entrepreneurs and partners who need to formalize their business relationship and register a new company. Additionally, we strive to ensure that your business is organized in a manner to maximize your management style and capital structure. We believe in working with you every step of the way and maintaining the simplicity and flexibility necessary for your new company to be successful. Whether you decide to incorporate as a subchapter S corporation or C corporation, form a partnership or a limited liability company, our focus is on providing you with effective, creative and practical solutions that build your company’s bottom line.

Our service continues after your company’s operations are off to a good start, as we provide both comprehensive general counsel services for your everyday operations in addition to guidance for specific transactions. The business law attorneys at Hallowes Law Group LLC advise businesses about operations, contracts, taxes and regulations, and dispute resolution. We also provide guidance regarding forming new entities or altering the form of a company’s current organization to adapt to the changing requirements of customers or investors. Additionally, we help with raising capital to accommodate your growth through credit facilities, equity issues or combinations of both. Whether you are just starting a business, or looking to make an established business more successful, let our business law attorneys provide you with an exceptional level of guidance and personal attention designed to ensure proper business formation, operation and tax structure.