Buy-Sell Agreements, Dissolutions and Mergers

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Often there is a moment when it is time for a company to experience a change in management and ownership.  Buy-Sell Agreements, Mergers, and Dissolutions are commonly the methods by which such change is accomplished.

Mergers and acquisitions

“Mergers and acquisitions” is a somewhat generic term that encompasses a myriad of business transactions including where companies combine to form a new company; one company acquires the assets or stock of another company; and the division of one company into several smaller companies. Our business law attorneys can advise you as to the best scenario for you based upon your circumstances and objectives. Additionally, we assist you with all aspects of the transaction, including drafting the purchase agreement; drafting buy/sell agreements for shareholders; managing any issues that arise involving escrow and due diligence; and dissolution of any company that is winding up.

There are a variety of reasons to buy, sell, or merge one company into another. Perhaps you have developed your business to the point that it has become an attractive potential acquisition to other companies. Alternatively, you may be in a position to acquire another company in order to increase the efficiency and impact of your business model. Whatever the reason, the business law attorneys at Hallowes Law Group LLC can guide you through the process.

Mergers and acquisitions in Ohio are complex and require exceptional attention to detail.  The decisions to be made in these types of transactions will substantially impact whether the transaction is successful as well as the future business of any company involved.  Our business law attorneys will streamline the process and facilitate the transaction to achieve your desired result.

Buy-sell agreements

A “buy-sell agreement” (sometimes referred to as a buyout agreement), is a legally binding contract among the owners of a business or company that controls in a situation where one of the owners dies, is otherwise forced to leave the business, or chooses to leave the business. The agreement ensures that owners are given a significant amount of control over who they own the company with, usually by offering the current owners a first right of refusal, or the opportunity to purchase the leaving owner’s shares at a predetermined price.

This type of agreement is recommended for closely-held corporations, family businesses, limited partnerships, and other organizations owned by multiple parties. the business law attorneys at Hallowes Law Group LLC will draft a buy-sell agreement for you and your co-owners to provide you with the security of knowing how changes in ownership will be managed. Contact us today to avoid the potential pitfalls and confusion that surrounds a change in company ownership where no buy-sell agreement is in place.